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Buffalo Area Forecast
Issued at 11:05 AM EDT
Today... Cloudy. Highs in the lower 30s. Light west winds.
Tonight... Mostly cloudy. Lows ranging from the mid 20s inland to the upper 20s along the lake erie shore. Light southeast winds.
Monday... Mostly sunny. Highs ranging from the mid 30s inland to around 40 along the lake erie shore. Southeast winds around 10 mph... Becoming south.

Hi 34F, 1C
Lo 29F, -2C
Partly cloudy
Hi 40F, 4C
Lo 36F, 2C
Hi 46F, 8C
Lo 45F, 7C
Hi 45F, 7C
Lo 36F, 2C
Mixed rain/snow
Hi 37F, 3C
Lo 34F, 1C

Regional cloud cover

Regional precipitation

National cloud cover

National precipitation

Partly cloudy
Temperature29F, -2C
Dew Point23F, -5C
Wind Chill25F, -4C
Precip. today n/a
WindSW at 3 mph
Barometer30.31 in. R
Visibility9.00 mi.
Sunrise7:42 a.m.
Sunset4:45 p.m.
Updated: Sunday, December 21, 11:05 AM EDT

Albany, NYSnow showers27F, -3C 30.35N 378%
Binghamton, NYCloudy24F, -4C 30.25W 384%
Bradford, PACloudy24F, -4C 30.24W 381%
Cleveland, Hopkins International, OHCloudy30F, -1C 30.34CM 069%
Dunkirk, NYCloudy31F, -1C 30.32WNW 575%
Elmira, NYCloudy28F, -2C 30.30SW 381%
Erie, PACloudy31F, -1C 30.32S 675%
Farmingdale, NYCloudy34F, 1C 30.30NNW 372%
Fort Drum, NYCloudy25F, -4C 30.31SE 680%
Glens Falls, NYCloudy24F, -4C 30.35ENE 684%
Islip, NYCloudy34F, 1C 30.28WNW 779%
Ithaca, NYCloudy28F, -2C 30.30CM 078%
Jamestown, NYCloudy27F, -3C 30.26WSW 380%
Massena, NYCloudy16F, -9C 30.38E 687%
Monticello, NYCloudy27F, -3C 30.28WNW 693%
New York/JFK, NYCloudy36F, 2C 30.32NNW 664%
New York/La Guardia, NYPartly cloudy33F, 1C 30.31N 675%
Newburgh, NYCloudy28F, -2C 30.30VRB 593%
Niagara Falls, NYPartly cloudy28F, -2C 30.31CM 085%
Pittsburgh, PACloudy30F, -1C 30.31CM 066%
Poughkeepsie, NYCloudy30F, -1C 30.32CM 081%
Rochester, NYPartly cloudy28F, -2C 30.32CM 085%
Saranac Lake, NYCloudy18F, -8C 30.22CM 088%
Syracuse, NYCloudy28F, -2C 30.32CM 088%
Watertown, NYCloudy28F, -2C 30.34NE 375%
Westhampton, NYFog35F, 2C 30.30NW 592%
White Plains, NYCloudy30F, -1C 30.27N 781%

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