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Buffalo Area Forecast
Issued at 02:36 AM EDT
Overnight... Partly cloudy. Lows ranging from the upper 30s inland to the lower 40s along the lake erie shore. Light north winds.
Thursday... Mostly sunny and not as cool with highs ranging from the lower 50s inland to the upper 50s along the lake erie shore. Light winds...Becoming northwest 10 to 15 mph.
Thursday Night... Mostly cloudy. Lows ranging from the lower 40s inland to the mid 40s along the lake erie shore. Northwest winds 10 mph or less.

Hi 55F, 13C
Lo 44F, 7C
Partly cloudy
Hi 57F, 14C
Lo 46F, 8C
Hi 56F, 13C
Lo 46F, 8C
Hi 54F, 12C
Lo 46F, 8C
Partly cloudy
Hi 63F, 17C
Lo 45F, 7C

Regional cloud cover

Regional precipitation

National cloud cover

National precipitation

Partly cloudy
Temperature43F, 6C
Dew Point40F, 4C
Wind Chill39F, 4C
Precip. today n/a
WindNNW at 7 mph
Barometer30.14 in. F
Visibility10.00 mi.
Sunrise7:38 a.m.
Sunset6:20 p.m.
Updated: Thursday, October 23, 02:36 AM EDT

Albany, NYRain49F, 9C 29.91N 1380%
Binghamton, NYCloudy43F, 6C 29.95N 1589%
Bradford, PACloudy42F, 6C 30.07N 1389%
Cleveland, Hopkins International, OHPartly cloudy49F, 9C 30.23N 783%
Dunkirk, NYCloudy49F, 9C 30.16N 1080%
Elmira, NYCloudy49F, 9C 30.01N 1377%
Erie, PACloudy51F, 11C 30.17NNE 1074%
Farmingdale, NYCloudy53F, 12C 29.68NNE 2180%
Fort Drum, NYPartly cloudy43F, 6C 30.07NE 1371%
Glens Falls, NYCloudy52F, 11C 29.94NNE 966%
Islip, NYCloudy52F, 11C 29.64NNE 2883%
Ithaca, NYPartly cloudy44F, 7C 30.03NNW 586%
Jamestown, NYCloudy45F, 7C 30.13N 1081%
Massena, NYClear44F, 7C 30.15NNE 1470%
Monticello, NYPartly cloudy45F, 7C 29.81NNW 14100%
New York/JFK, NYCloudy54F, 12C 29.70N 2374%
New York/La Guardia, NYCloudy53F, 12C 29.71N 1580%
Newburgh, NYCloudy50F, 10C 29.82NE 2194%
Niagara Falls, NYClear44F, 7C 30.15N 785%
Pittsburgh, PACloudy45F, 7C 30.14NW 786%
Poughkeepsie, NYCloudy50F, 10C 29.80N 1686%
Rochester, NYPartly cloudy49F, 9C 30.12NNE 1671%
Saranac Lake, NYCloudy41F, 5C 30.03NNE 982%
Schenectady, NYDrizzle48F, 9C 29.98N 793%
Syracuse, NYRain46F, 8C 30.03WNW 679%
Watertown, NYClear47F, 8C 30.08NNE 1558%
Westhampton, NYCloudy54F, 12C 29.65NNE 2480%
White Plains, NYPartly cloudy51F, 11C 29.71N 1479%

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