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Buffalo Area Forecast
Issued at 05:08 PM EDT
Tonight... Mostly cloudy and breezy. Lows ranging from the lower 40s inland to the upper 40s along the lake erie shore. West winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 40 mph early.
Sunday... Mostly cloudy in the morning...Then becoming partly sunny. Breezy and cooler with highs ranging from the upper 40s inland to the lower 50s along the lake erie shore. West winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to 35 mph.
Sunday Night... Becoming mainly clear. Lows ranging from the mid 30s inland to the lower 40s along the lake erie shore. West winds 10 to 15 mph...Becoming light.

Hi 60F, 16C
Lo 44F, 7C
Hi 55F, 13C
Lo 42F, 6C
Partly cloudy
Hi 60F, 16C
Lo 56F, 13C
Hi 71F, 22C
Lo 50F, 10C
Partly cloudy
Hi 58F, 14C
Lo 44F, 7C

Regional cloud cover

Regional precipitation

National cloud cover

National precipitation

Temperature58F, 14C
Dew Point53F, 12C
Wind Chill54F, 12C
Precip. today n/a
WindWSW at 23 mph
Barometer29.63 in. S
Visibility7.00 mi.
Sunrise7:42 a.m.
Sunset6:15 p.m.
Updated: Saturday, October 25, 05:08 PM EDT

Albany, NYPartly cloudy62F, 17C 29.62SSE 753%
Binghamton, NYCloudy62F, 17C 29.64SW 1352%
Bradford, PACloudy60F, 16C 29.71W 1060%
Cleveland, Hopkins International, OHClear68F, 20C 29.78WNW 1461%
Dunkirk, NYRain58F, 14C 29.67WSW 1684%
Elmira, NYCloudy67F, 19C 29.62WSW 1244%
Erie, PACloudy59F, 15C 29.72WSW 1578%
Farmingdale, NYClear66F, 19C 29.69SW 1042%
Fort Drum, NYRain54F, 12C 29.53WSW 1494%
Glens Falls, NYPartly cloudy60F, 16C 29.60S 1060%
Islip, NYPartly cloudy66F, 19C 29.67W 1443%
Ithaca, NYCloudy64F, 18C 29.63WSW 1048%
Jamestown, NYCloudy55F, 13C 29.70WSW 2282%
Massena, NYRain54F, 12C 29.51S 1290%
Monticello, NYClear61F, 16C 29.67W 1048%
New York/JFK, NYPartly cloudy68F, 20C 29.69WSW 1540%
New York/La Guardia, NYPartly cloudy68F, 20C 29.67SW 939%
Newburgh, NYClear63F, 17C 29.65W 1452%
Niagara Falls, NYFair/haze59F, 15C 29.62W 1472%
Pittsburgh, PAPartly cloudy66F, 19C 29.78SW 1456%
Poughkeepsie, NYClear65F, 18C 29.65WSW 943%
Rochester, NYPartly cloudy62F, 17C 29.59W 1570%
Saranac Lake, NYRain50F, 10C 29.54SW 786%
Schenectady, NYPartly cloudy61F, 16C 29.67CM 051%
Syracuse, NYCloudy65F, 18C 29.56S 1250%
Watertown, NYRain55F, 13C 29.53SW 977%
Westhampton, NYClear64F, 18C 29.70SW 1252%
White Plains, NYClear65F, 18C 29.67W 842%

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