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Buffalo Area Forecast
Issued at 10:52 PM EDT
Rest Of Tonight... Showers...Tapering off late. Lows ranging from the upper 40s inland to the lower 50s along the lake erie shore. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph...Becoming light. Chance of rain near 100 percent.
Tuesday... Mostly cloudy with a chance of showers in the morning... Then sunny in the afternoon. Highs ranging from around 60 inland to the mid 60s along the lake erie shore. Light winds...Becoming west around 10 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.
Tuesday Night... Mainly clear in the evening...Then becoming partly cloudy. Lows ranging from the lower 40s inland to the upper 40s along the lake erie shore. West winds 10 mph or less.

Hi 66F, 19C
Lo 51F, 11C
Partly cloudy
Hi 63F, 17C
Lo 48F, 9C
Partly cloudy
Hi 64F, 18C
Lo 48F, 9C
Partly cloudy
Hi 60F, 16C
Lo 45F, 7C
Hi 66F, 19C
Lo 54F, 12C

Regional cloud cover

Regional precipitation

National cloud cover

National precipitation

Temperature55F, 13C
Dew Point53F, 12C
Wind Chill54F, 12C
Precip. today0.44
Precip. Today0.44 in.
WindNW at 6 mph
Barometer30.07 in. S
Visibility3.00 mi.
Sunrise6:55 a.m.
Sunset7:24 p.m.
Updated: Monday, September 15, 10:52 PM EDT

Albany, NYCloudy56F, 13C 30.09CM 069%
Binghamton, NYPartly cloudy57F, 14C 30.08SSW 669%
Bradford, PARain54F, 12C 30.07CM 090%
Cleveland, Hopkins International, OHRain57F, 14C 30.11NW 793%
Dunkirk, NYRain56F, 13C 30.07WNW 893%
East Hampton, NYClear66F, 19C 30.13VRB 549%
Elmira, NYPartly cloudy61F, 16C 30.05SSW 567%
Erie, PARain57F, 14C 30.08WNW 782%
Farmingdale, NYClear62F, 17C 30.10S 565%
Fort Drum, NYRain55F, 13C 30.06S 588%
Glens Falls, NYPartly cloudy52F, 11C 30.09CM 089%
Islip, NYPartly cloudy61F, 16C 30.09SSE 367%
Ithaca, NYRain59F, 15C 30.08W 778%
Jamestown, NYCloudy54F, 12C 30.07N 388%
Massena, NYCloudy55F, 13C 30.05SSW 780%
Monticello, NYClear54F, 12C 30.12CM 077%
New York/JFK, NYPartly cloudy65F, 18C 30.11S 963%
New York/La Guardia, NYPartly cloudy65F, 18C 30.09S 961%
Newburgh, NYClear59F, 15C 30.10CM 072%
Niagara Falls, NYRain55F, 13C 30.06SSW 589%
Pittsburgh, PACloudy62F, 17C 30.05CM 067%
Poughkeepsie, NYClear54F, 12C 30.09CM 083%
Rochester, NYCloudy58F, 14C 30.07W 381%
Saranac Lake, NYCloudy49F, 9C 30.05CM 093%
Schenectady, NYClear57F, 14C 30.10CM 067%
Syracuse, NYRain58F, 14C 30.07CM 087%
Watertown, NYRain56F, 13C 30.05SSE 577%
Westhampton, NYClear49F, 9C 30.13CM 080%
White Plains, NYClear58F, 14C 30.09CM 072%

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